Karaite Fact Card 2: Cheeseburgers and Paradise

As discussed yesterday, one implication of the different perspectives of Karaites and Rabbanites is that Karaites never understood God to have commanded the separation of milk and meat as practiced by most observant Jews today. This topic is addressed in the below Karaite fact card, which derives its name from the famous Jimmy Buffett song, Cheeseburgers in Paradise.


This fact card was a definite eye-opener for participants at the 2012 JFNA General Assembly in Baltimore, MD. A security guard, who was not Jewish but was very familiar with Judaism, even stopped by the Karaite Jews of America’s booth at the General Assembly specifically to discuss this card and the Karaite outlook on the Torah.

As with all Karaite fact cards, the layout was designed by Jason Sutherland.

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